Joey Ka-Yee Essoe

JKE_GazzLab_2011_08_02Joey, a lover of Deuteronomy, kittens, and Irish Whiskey, was born and raised in Hong Kong under English rule. After completing the infamous HKCEE, she moved to San Francisco, as she longed to be in a society tolerant of quirky and independent women. She has been interested in science and cognition since childhood, and has never envisioned anything but a life in research and science. The fact that research seems to be a natural home for other quirky and independent people was a gratifying surprise.

Joey is a biblical Christian and scientist; a member of University Bible Church, a graduate researcher in the Rissman Memory Laboratory, and a graduate student in the UCLA Psychology Department (she is of the Behavioural Neuroscience Area on the Cognitive Neuroscience track, and minors in Quantitative Psychology).

She is trained in simultaneously EEG/fMRI, behavioural experimentation utilising virtual reality (VR), including virtual world development and logistical interfaces between VR and statistical software. She is now expanding to fMRI compatible paradigms, multi-voxel pattern analyses (MVPA), and advanced statistical modelling.

Current Research

ALIVE: Avatar Learning In Virtual Environment