Participants Wanted: Learning in VR

General information for prospective participants


Each participant may only participate in ONE of the following 3 versions.
Version 1: $20 in cash.
Version 2: $30 in cash.
Version 3: $50 in cash (participant may also request an image of their brain!)

Compensation will be dispensed upon completion of the session.

Duration and Location:

Each participant may only participate in ONE of the following 3 versions.
Version 1: 1 visit, 2 hours @UCLA Franz Hall.
Version 2: 1 visit, 3 hours @UCLA Franz Hall.
Version 3: 2 visits across 2 consecutive days; total:  4 hours.
3 hours @UCLA Franz Hall.
1 hours. UCLA Brain Mapping Centre.
*There is a 15 minutes walk between Franz Hall and the Brain Mapping Centre, you will be compensated for the duration of the walk.

Eligibility Criteria:

You don’t have to be affiliated with UCLA to participate, as long as you are able to come to UCLA for the experiment.

  • Age of 18-35.
  • Speak English well enough to understand instructions.
  • Good visual acuity or vision corrected by contact lenses in order to clearly see the stimuli.
  • Good mental health so as to be able to follow instructions, understand the nature of the study, and to give informed consent.
  • Limited experience in certain type of virtual worlds.
  • Not prone to motion sickness. (Seriously!)
  • Right-handed (as determined by writing habits).
  • For version 3: have no metal in your body, and otherwise safe to enter a MRI machine.


If you have any questions, please email

Implied Consent for Online Survey

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our study.

Please kindly complete our eligibility survey, so that we can determine whether you are eligible for the research. This survey takes about 10m to complete.

Please note that…

  • All questions marked with a * must be answered before proceeding to scheduling an appointment with the research.
    However, filling out the survey is entirely voluntary: you are not required to answer any question you do not want to, simply close the browser window at any time to quit the survey.
  • You will NOT be compensated for your time spent in completing the survey.

Please be assured that your privacy is a priority to us; therefore,

  • Your responses for this survey will only be used for the purpose of determining whether you are eligible to become a participant. Your answers will be kept confidential, and only the research team will see them.
  • If you are not eligible, or decide not to participate after completing the survey, your responses will be destroyed securely at the completion of the study, and there will be no penalty to you.
  • If you become a participant and contribute to our research dataset, all of your responses will be kept anonymous in all publications.

By submitting this survey, you are consenting to participate in this online survey ONLY.
You are not committing to participate in any other portions of our study.

Thank you again for your time and interest.

Sincerely yours,
ALIVE Research Team
Rissman Memory Lab


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