“Mistake not aggression for strength, nor apathy for tolerance; discern between the critical and the intelligent. Do this and you shall be well-armed for academia.”

Research Interest

Joey’s research interest lies boardly in (be ready for a very long sentence) the intricate relationships between cognitive strategy/control, learning, and memory, their neural underpinnings, how they changes across lifespan, and factors that affect them (especially sleep quality). With such board interests, she works ceaselessly to learn to collaborate well, cultivate board interests while maintaining focus and productivity.

At this phase of her career, she is developing expertise in using cutting edge fMRI analyses techniques, and as well as utilising virtual reality as a tool for learning and memory research. Eventually she hopes to develop tools to prolong cognitive vitality for older adults via VR. As VR has the abilities to eliminate stereotype threat, and to apply research-based learning and memory techniques. She sees VR as a second chance for educators to develop an education system that works; as the current one fails to utilise the enormous knowledge base about human learning and memory contributed by cognitive psychologists in the past century.

Current Affiliation

Joey began graduate studies in Fall 2012 at the Behavioural Neuroscience Programme of the Psychology Department at UCLA.

There she is mentored by Dr. Jesse Rissman [lab], who studies the relationship between memory and attention utilising innovative fMRI analysis techniques, in collaboration with Dr. Alan Castel [lab], who studies memory, attention, and cognitive changes across lifespan.

Rissman Memory Laboratory, University of California, Los Angeles


Past Affiliations

Gazzaley Laboratory, University of California, San Francisco

Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory, San Francisco State University

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