Team Mates and Collaborators

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ALIVE: Rissman Lab, UCLA



Jesse Rissman, Ph.D. [web]

Jesse is our lab director and academic advisor.

He utilises functional neuroimageing techniques to investigate the neural circuitry supporting human memory and its goal-directed cognitive control. All of our work fall under this umbrella.

Team Members


Joey Ka-Yee Essoe [web]

Joey is a 4th year graduate student in the behavioural neuroscience Area, majoring in cognitive neuroscience. She created and maintains the VR server, VR content development and scripting, and provides technical and administrative support.


Nicco Reggente [web]

Nicco specialises on multivoxel pattern analysis (MVPA); now expanding the MVPA technique to functional connectivity datasets. He is a 3rd year graduate student in the Cognitive Area.


JubJub Forder [web]

JubJub is our wonderful content developer working remotely from New Zealand. In addition to creating beautiful and original contents for Rissland, he also brings to the team some refreshing Kiwi humour.

Visit this page where his talent speaks for itself!

Student Researchers

See this page!

UCLA Collaborators


Chéla Willey, Zili Lab [web]

Chéla and Joey are developing an experiment to examine the contribution of vestibular system in VR learning and perceptual estimates.
Her research interests include motion and action processing, action execution, visual/vestibular integration, motor and perceptual learning, sensory weighting/reweighting and multi-sensory integration.


(Amy) Zhong Sheng Zheng, Monti Lab [web]

Amy is Dr. Martin Monti‘s 2nd year graduate student. She collaborates with our lab on some of our DTI datasets.

John Dell’Italia, Monti Lab [web]

John is Dr. Martin Monti‘s 2nd year graduate student. He collaborates with Joey in brainstorming novel (fun) statistical approaches for… everything.

NeuroGrocer: Gazzaley Lab, UCSF


Adam Gazzaley, M.D., Ph.D. [web]


Joaquin Anguera, Ph.D. [web]


Cammie Rolle [web]

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