Odds Are: On the difference between odds, probability, and risk ratio.

Odds, Probability, Chance, Risks: Interchangeable?
Not so much.

What does it mean to say “smokers are X times more likely to get lung cancer than non-smokers?” What about
when the weather channel says, “there is a 10% chance of rain?” The odds of 1 to 10 of winning?

These words are often used in casual conversations as somewhat interchangeable, and can be rather confusing. I remember being very excited to learn about them for the first time, so hopefully you will find this as interesting (or at least as clarifying!) as I did!

A little test!


In which of the following scenario are you most likely to find dessert happiness? Which ones are saying the same thing?

A. The odds against you eating a cupcake are 1 to 5.

B. Your odds of/on eating a cupcake are 1 to 5.

C. The probability of you eating a cupcake is 20%.

D. You have a 20% chance of eating a cupcake.

Answers, in short: A is the most likely-for-cupcake scenario, and C and D are saying the same thing.

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Amusing post on stunning + scary undersea predator

Bobbit Worm (Eunice Aphroditois)

A demonstration of God’s sense of humour, exceeding that in the giraffes, hehhehe.

Article is humourous and interestingly written, too 😀

“A mix between the Mongolian death worm, the Graboids from Tremors, the Bugs from Starship Troopers, and a rainbow.”

See original post by Matt Simon on WIRED, titled “Absurd Creature of the Week: 10-Foot Bobbit Worm Is the Ocean’s Most Disturbing Predator


Facebook Debugger: Extracting correct thumbnail options on WordPress-to-FB-Sharing

When I tried to share my blog post on my Facebook Timeline, the FB end kept failing to extracting the correct thumbnails options from the post’s content.

Consulted Dr. Google, and found the facebook debugger.

Super user-friendly:

1. Paste the WP post’s URL into the text box within the debugger page.

2. Return to blog post and click the FB share icon again. This time it should show the correct thumbnail options.


This is quite strange, as I am not quite sure why this works — thoughI am contend to share the solution in the spirit of prescribing phenytoin for epilepsy!

This debugger is suppose to show you how a page appears to FB Scraper. However, in my case, it seems to have taught the scraper instead… Well well.

Now let’s hope the success doesn’t revert in a bit! However, even if it were to be a mere temporary relief, it seems worth it since most FB posts grows less-hot rather quickly any ways.