OpenSim Freebies used in ALIVE (Rissland)

Rissland: OpenSim World by Joey Essoe

Rissland is a virtual environment created for learning and memory research in the Behavioural Neuroscience Area of the Psychology Department of UCLA.

The project is sponsored by DARPA. It is conducted in Dr. Jesse Rissman‘s Laboratory, by his graduate students Joey K.-Y. Essoe and Niccolo Reggente.

Rissland is created and maintained by Joey Essoe utilising OpenSim’s Diva Distro. It contains original content created by JubJub Forder and Joey Essoe, and customised free content courtesy of the OpenSim community.

Rissland’s Original Content

A sneak peak of what we hope to soon make available to the OpenSim community!

Freebies from the OpenSim community

Rissland would not be possible with out the generous and extremely creative community of OpenSim users. All utilised content has Creative Commons License.

My sincere apologies to creators whose content was used, but not listed here. I did my utmost to track down the original creators to give them the thanks and credit they deserve, but I was unable to trace all of them.

(This list is still being constructed.)

Click on the images to see the download pages.

Using OAR files After Creating OpenSim Server:

1. Create region

2. Change to the new region

3. Code: “load oar [url.oar]”
Replace [url.oar] with the .OAR link from the website the following images link to, no brackets.
Alternatively, download the OAR and replace [url.oar] with local file path

Simple, eh?

Note on tgz files–they are used the same way as .oar, so you would still type in the “load oar” command.

Free OAR files: Complete Regions

These are complete regions that can be imported into your OpenSim servers. With one line of code, viola, you have an island.

Autumn Castle by Linda Kellie Creation

Autumn Castle by Linda Kellie Creations



UnderSea Observatory by Justin K. Reeve

This is truly one of my favourites. I cannot believe how generous Justin is to share this!

UnderSea Observatory

Space Welcome Centre

I cannot locate the original creator, but via context I suspect this is another by Linda Kellie Creations.

Space Welcome Station/Centre

GiantTree by Ener Hax

Ener has a wonderful eye for simple prim combination, and many of his works are perfect for 3-D navigation research.

Giant Tree by Ener Hax

Haxor by Ener Hax

Another very nice creation, especially for 3D nav.

Haxor Outpost by Ener Hax

English Garden by Linda Kellie

English Garden by Linda Kellie Creations

Freebie Mall by Linda Kellie Creations

This is one of the best finds ever!
Linda Kellie placed tons of content within this freebie mall, and I found many of the stimuli items I needed from here.

Freebie Mall by Linda Kellie Creations


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