OpenSim How-Tos

To download while I stall

  1. SoaS Installer
  2. Imprudence Viewer
  3. The Giant Tree” OAR

A. Sim on a Stick (SoaS): To start

As OpenSim is an open-source, alpha software, it could be quite… challenging to install (might involve hair being pulled out).

Sim on a stick is the simplest, quickest way to make your own OpenSim server. It is more than sufficient for most beginner or casual hobbyist purposes. Once you have fallen in love with OpenSim, you can mess with the more challenging full-server installation. SoaS would at least be a quick and dirty way for you to get a sense as to whether you would like to use OpenSim as your VR platform or not. I would highly recommend setting up the Diva distro once you decided that you like OpenSim–since SoaS is supported by MoWeS which was discontinued in 2014.

Another advantage of SoaS is that it is independent from the internet. The down side to that is that you can only log onto your sim on the single computer that the USB is connected to.

Once you have finished customising this Sim, you can copy the entire folder (by default it is installed in C drive, not program files) to an USB stick, and plug it into any other computers (likely best running windows 7) and it would run.

Sources are linked.
This is a slightly outdated, but much more detailed instruction page; it includes augmented instructions for installing the standard Diva distro (which is the one we use in the Rissman Lab).

1. Installation and Run SoaS

I found Windows 7 the most compatible OS for OpenSim, I have been told this works on other Windows as well. With Mac, you can install Mono before starting–more challenging, of course.

If you are VERY nervous, here is a detail step by step guide

  1. Download SoaS Installer
  2. Install it (yes yes yes OK OK, etc)
  3. Right-click on mowes shortcut added to desktop (or C:/SoaS08PF/mowes.exe), run as administrator, and grant access permissions.
  4. [optional] Navigate to C:/SoaS08PF/diva-r#####/bin/ Click on “update.exe” (say “y” to copying WiFi files).
  5. Right-click on the OpenSim shortcut added to desktop (or C:/SoaS08PF/diva-r#####/bin/OpenSim.exe), run as administrator, and grant access permissions.

Now you are in business. Install and configure the Viewer so you can visually access your brand new OpenSim VR server!

2. Impudence Viewer (Preconfigured)

This is not my favourite viewer, but it runs from a thumb-drive without installation. I prefer the firestorm viewer.

  1. Viewer from
  2. Put it in the folder where you keep the SoaS files
  3. Unzip it

If you are using Firestorm, configure as followed:

  1. Go to Viewer/Properties (or ctrl + p)
  2. Click on the “OpenSim” pane
    **if you don’t see this pane, you have installed the SecondLife only viewer, go back to step 1.
  3. Next to “Add new grid”, type:
  4. Click “Apply”
  5. Click “Okay”

Congratulations, now you are ready to log into your own sim.

3. Viewer log in

  1. Under “Login to grid:”, select “simonastick”.
  2. In the username box, type “Simona Stick
    *** be sure to include the space
  3. In the password box, type “123
  4. Log in
  5. To log off, simply closed the viewer.
    ***This turns off your eyes to OpenSim, but does not turn off OpenSim itself. To do that, see Turn off server

4. Turning off server

  1. Go to the OpenSim window, type “q”, “quit”, or “shutdown”, the hit the return/enter key.
  2. Go to the mowes window, click the “end” button.

All done.

B. Personalising Your VR

1. Loading OAR into an existing region

What would be really cool, is if you can replace that ugly avatar with one of your own right? So, it would be really cool if you can have a shopping mall or something you can build an avatar in?

  1. Download “The Giant Tree” OAR
  2. Go to the OpenSim server window
  3. Check to make sure that the server says “simonastick 1”
  4. Type in: load oar [path and filename of downloaded file]
    then hit the enter key.
    ** you can load local OAR files as well, but if there are spaces, you will need to add double quotation marks at the beginning and end of the file path.

Simple, eh?

2. Create a new region, importing .oar

Now that you have a place to find a bunch of VR items, you need a place to put them right?

  1. Download some full OAR online
  2. Go to the OpenSim server window.
  3. Type in this: create region Oryon RegionConfig.ini
    You can replace “Oryon” with your desired region name.
  4. Region UUID: hit enter to confirm default entry.
  5. Region Location: 1002, 1002 (so that it doesn’t overlap with the default region).
  6. Internal IP: hit enter to confirm default entry.
  7. Internal Port: 9122
  8. Allow alternative port: hit enter to confirm default entry.
  9. External host name: hit enter to confirm default entry.
  10. Join to existing estate: hit enter to confirm default entry.
  11. Existing estates are…: hit enter to confirm default entry.

New region is now created, to import a new OAR into this region, type in: “change region oryon”, the repeat “load oar” step above.

C. Avatar Account (Wifi Pages)

1. Wifi Intro

Confusingly named, I know, but a powerful tool to manage user accounts in OpenSim.

To access Wifi controls: In the firestorm log in screen, you will see a link that reads “Create an account” above the Log in button. Click on that.

2. Creating a New Avatar account

  1. On the left hand side, under “Create new account”, type in the desired information for the new avatar.
  2. Hit create.
  3. The log in as the Wifi admin to activate the account

3. To access the wifi as admin

  1. On the right hand side of the Wifi controls, under “Login”, type in these credentials”
    First name = Wifi
    Last name = Admin
    Password = secret
  2. Hit login
  3. Once the page is loaded, click on “activate” next to the new account to be activated.

4. To modified an existing account

e.g. to change the SoaS default Avatar’s Name

  1. Click on the “Manage Accounts” link.
  2. Type in a space in the search box, hit search.
  3. Click on “edit” next to Simona Stick’s name.
  4. Enter your preferred items for the following fields
    First name
    Last name
  5. Change the “Level” to 100. (This grands “god” privileges to your avatar).

Other downloads:

Ener Hax has some cool ones that are very compatible with SoaS

I have some on my website under OpenSim freebies as well.

The following were created by Linda Kellie Creations, and can be downloaded from Zadoroo as a .tgz file. However, I have had some complication importing .tgz on the SoaS, so I made for OAR versions for this talk.

Mall oar

Avatar Island

Autumn Castle

IAR Import

I was having a lot of trouble with the MoWeS mysql while importing this, it could be the computer (it’s the only Windows machine I can get my hands on…). But if you don’t have trouble with importing, you can download this .iar, as it contain 3 of my favourite avatars.

You will import it by typing in the server window:

load iar simona stick / 123 “path/to/file.iar”