酥皮蛋撻: Flaky Egg Tarts

Planning your Egg Tart Making Day

Making egg tart is more a life-style choice than a culinary activity. While it takes an afternoon, you are only actively cooking for about 1-2 hours all together. There are A LOT of rest periods.

So pick a day to stay home all day in your PJs. Put on your favourite binge-worthy TV or movie series, or an old-friend of a book who would smile rather than frown when you leave it for a few minutes every 20 minutes or so, or better yet, find a human friend to play you and your tasty playdough.


The Recipe

This recipe was modified from two sources. As you might notice, it is a hybrid version since I adore the Hong Kong egg tart’s flaky crust, and absolutely love the creamy Macau/Portuguese custard.

This recipe makes 40 egg tarts. I can’t eat them that fast, even with friends.
What is would do, is that I make all the puff pastry, but half the egg custard recipe.

Then I make 20 egg tarts. Eat approximately 6 in one sitting (c’mon, who spend this much efforts if they are not homesick), give away 10, fight over the last 4 with hubby the next day. They are the best when they are fresh out of the oven.

After the 1st 20 are un-shelled (and while I am eating the 6…), I will clean the cups and put the left over pastry into them, shape them, then freeze them on a half sheet pan. The moment they are frozen, I stack them within the baking cups, and put them in ziptop bags, and keep them in the freezer. Later, namely, when I no longer feel like a fatty, within 2 weeks, I will make another batch with the frozen shells.

The Tools

Some specialised equipment are needed for this very special treat.

  1. Chrysanthemum Baking Cups: I like the reusable ones because the disposable ones tend to not have the signature scalloping (? not sure what the technical term is). The shape is important to the flaking crust, as it maximise the surface area for maximum lift.
  2. Rolling device of some sort. A wine bottle, hard cardboard core of a roll of aluminium foil, a PVC pipe would do. I actually got a serious stainless steel one because I have very hot paws, and which melt the butter as I shape them…
  3. Food processor
  4. Digital scale (yes. I am serious.)
  5. Cling film (A.K.A. Saran wrap)
  6. Aluminium foil, heavy duty preferred
  7. Optional: cooling rack
  8. If you have hot hands, or don’t like to get your hands dirty: food grade nitrite gloves.
  9. Small pot (something that fit in your sink)
  10. One half sheet pan
  11. A sink–a clean sink.
  12. … a refrigerator or a ice-filled cooler


Egg custard

  • 120 g heavy cream, 35% fat (American heavy whipping cream is 36%+ so it would do nicely)
  • 60 g sugar (just under 1/3 cup)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 2 tbsp cornflour
  • 520 g full-fat fresh milk (approximately 2 + 1/4 cups)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Chinese Puff Pastry

Oil dough

  • 200g of all-purpose flour (approximately 1 + 1/3 cups)
  • 300g of butter–a little over 10oz, about 2.5 sticks (weight varies with quality. The higher the butter quality, the better your Egg Tart. Low-water, high-fat content is ideal. So go with Irish if you can afford it, Amish, if you are so blest to be able to get your hand on it.) 

Water dough

  • 250g of all-purpose flour (approximately 2 cups with change)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 100g of ice water (… approximately 7.2 tbsp… goodness, get a scale, people.)


Step 1: Chinese Puff Pastry

I loved the video instructions by KP Kwan, so go watch the 1st 5m of that. I will add the following:

  • Between each folding, I placed the dough back in the refrigerator for 20 minutes (hot hands, hot city).
  • Unlike the video, after rolling the dough to 1cm tall, I cut it with a shot-glass (cuz I classy), then roll them out to be 3mm tall. I found this worked better with the Chrysanthemum Baking Cups I have.
  • Keep the dough cool when you are not actively working with them. I often do 3-4 shot-glass cuts, then put the rest of the dough back in the refrigerator as I roll out them out and fit them into the baking cups. Then put the filled baking cups into a large Tupperware and put it in the refrigerator while I work with the next few (again, hot hands, hot city).

Step 2: Make egg custard

  1. Hold the vanilla, combine everything else together in a small pot until smooth.
  2. Make a water bath for you small pot: fill your sink with cold (not icy) water, measure level by your small pot. You want the water level to be such that when you put your small pot with the custard ingredients in it, the pot won’t float and tip and lose its precious cargo.
  3. Place pot over medium-low heat, stir GENTLY (don’t you ever bring violence upon a custard) until it start to coat the wall of the pot thinly. DO NOT BOIL.
  4. Move the pot to the water bath.
  5. Add vanilla extract
  6. Stir gently (again, he who brings violence to a egg custard shall suffer the wrath of the custard in return) until it is no longer steaming, then leave it in the bath to cool completely.

Step 3: Preheat Oven to 395°F  / 200°C

Step 4: Filling and Baking your precious treats

  1. Line a half sheet pan with aluminium foil, shiny side up.
  2. Line up your lovely, filled baking cups in the half sheet pan. Leave at least 1cm space in between
  3. Fill the cups with the custard. DO NOT be greedy, fill no more than 70% (otherwise when the puff pastry rises, it evicts your awesome custard out to be burn on the foil…).
  4. Bake 15 minutes at 200°C/390°F for 15 minutes
  5. Reduce heat to 180°C/360°F, bake for another 10 minutes.
  6. Turn off oven, leave the oven door ajar for 5 minutes then extract the half sheet pan from the oven. (This is an important step to give the custard a time to gather itself before you move it around).
  7. Check to make sure they are solid enough to be touched. If not, let it cool outside of the oven for a few more minutes.
  8.  Take each of the tart, take a fork and insert its tong along the sides, and gently tease it out of the baking cup.
  9. Place each on the cooling rack (if you don’t have one, put it on some sort of surface that allows some ventilation, e.g. sushi mat), place baking cup in the water bath to get it ready for washing.
  10. Eat as many as your conscience allows.
  11. Give away the rest.
  12. If you don’t can’t share all of them, store whatever you won’t be able to eat today. Wait for them to come to room temperature, then place one-story high, in an air-tight container (while this make them less crispy, it is much more important to keep it from absorbing whatever funky odor you have in the refrigerator–imagine, salmon egg tart, ew).


This is so crucial.

  1. Microwave (yes, I said that) on medium heat for LITERALLY 15 seconds, no more.
  2. Preheat toaster oven or broiler on high for 5 minutes
  3. Toast for 2 minutes, check to see if flaky, if not, another 1 minute. No more.




Essoe et al. (2017) CNS Poster

Poster to be presented at CNS 2017

Poster E90, Monday, March 27, 2:30 – 4:30 pm, Pacific Concourse.

Download poster.

Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting, 2017 @ beautifully foggy San Francisco, CA.


Long-term retention of vocabulary in two phonetically similar foreign languages is aided when learning occurs in highly distinctive virtual reality environments*

Joey Ka-Yee Essoe, Nicco Reggente, Ai Ohno, Hera Youn-Ji Baek, Jesse Rissman

The environmental context in which a memory is encoded can impact its later accessibility by virtue of tagging the memory with unique retrieval cues. We examined whether distinctive virtual environments (VEs) could be used as a means to provide contextual support during the learning of two sets of easily confusable stimuli. Specifically, we taught participants the translations of 50 English words in two pre-experimentally unfamiliar languages: 10 were learned only in Swahili, 10 only in Chinyanja, and 30 in both languages. Participants in the Dual Context group learned each language in a different VE, whereas participants in the Single Context group learned both languages in the same VE. On Day 2, after the fourth VE learning session, participants’ ability to recall the Swahili and Chinyanja translations of the English words was tested outside of the VEs. One week later (Day 8), participants were reached by telephone and performed a surprise recall test assessing their long-term retention of the foreign words. Our results revealed that while the Single and Dual Context groups showed comparable recall performance when tested on Day 2, the Dual Context group exhibited significantly reduced forgetting when tested on Day 8. This finding showcases how distinctive learning contexts can protect newly acquired memories from succumbing to excessive interference and promote long-term retention. An additional fMRI dataset collected from a separate group of Dual Context participants during Day 2 cued recall should provide further insights into the mechanisms that underlie their memory advantage.

*Yes, I am sorry about the looooong title. I don’t know what I was thinking. Never again.

Participants Wanted: Learning in VR

General information for prospective participants


Each participant may only participate in ONE of the following 3 versions.
Version 1: $20 in cash.
Version 2: $30 in cash.
Version 3: $50 in cash (participant may also request an image of their brain!)

Compensation will be dispensed upon completion of the session.
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Recipe: Chicken In 40 Cloves (for 6 or 36)


Another one of my favourites. Ugly but beautiful at the same time (not the most showy to the eyes, but beautiful to the mouth, soul, and wallet).

This recipe in grey feeds 6 very hungry people, or 8 not-too-hungry people.
BLUE TEXT: modification when cooking for a crowd.

I have feed up to 15 people for $20. That’s $1.33 per head.

Warning: This is not a dish for the vain.

  • Be not surprised: Ingestion of garlic cloves results in increased needs for ventilation for hours or days to come.
  • Did you know that your skin would extrude garlic “stuffs” after a hearty interaction with it?
    Allicin in garlic (and onion, cumin, etc) are metabolised quickly, resulting in sulphur-like compounds that are expressed through the pores of your skin.

O, come, set aside your vanity and live a little.


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Screen shot from video: Mars Hill Church's The Rebel's Guide To Joy Series - Charlotte Elliott. https://vimeo.com/20875016

A Children’s Sunday School Story: Charlotte Elliott (She of “The Invalid’s Hymn Book”)

I prepared this lesson for University Bible Church, Los Angeles, CA (Presented on 2015-05-17). This material was Intended for (and was understandable to) children between the age of 6 and 10.

This lesson took 26 minutes, including children’s response (mostly hand-raising, only 2 short questions), and the song in the end.

Image credits are noted in the captions (I did my to the best of trace and credit photographers or artists. Should there be error in the rights of these images, my sincere most apologies, and I welcome your email so I can make corrections).

Teacher’s Preparation:

This lesson plan is also available in MS Word and PDF formats.

  1. Read John 1Isaiah 52:13-53:12, and Ephesians 2.
  2. On the life of Miss Elliot (and Caesar Malan)
    – Video: Mars Hill Church’s The Rebel’s Guide To Joy Series – Charlotte Elliott.
    – Reflections by Al Maxey: “The Invalid Hymnist” (Other internet sources were also used to make this material.)
    – Wikipedia entry on Caesar Malan.
  3. Download companion slideshow
    The text on this page is attached to the “presenter’s note” area for each respective slide.
    – in KeyNote format (with animation)
    – in PowerPoint format (without animation)
  4. Find a musician. Provide Chords Sheet. Music by Brian Eichelberger, arrangement by The Modern Post.

Left Image: Unable to locate the name of the artist. Retrieved from http://www.zianet.com/maxey/reflx540.htm. Right Image: Retrieved from Armstrong Browning Library @ http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/ui/custom/default/collection/coll_ab-wpc/resources/custompages/poetsgallery/wpc_elliott-full.jpg

Unable to locate artist/photographer names. Left: Retrieved from link. Right: Retrieved from link.

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Participants Wanted: Avatar Learning in Virtual Environments (ALIVE) 2016

For fMRI session: $20/hour. fMRI version pays $80-100 in cash, and you will get a picture of your brain!
For Lab session: $10/hour, lab-only version pays between $50-70 in cash.
Compensation will be dispensed upon completion of the last session.

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An Illustrative Guide to Statistical Power, Alpha, Beta, and Critical Values

From my interactions with undergraduate students, it seems that even though these definitions are easy to recite, they are difficult to be integrated into a comprehensive whole. I hope here to show how to conceptually integrate them into a cohesive picture.

This post was originally created for Psychology in Action, and edited by her new blog master, Tawny Tsui. See her posts here.

Everything begins with reality: the “Reality Continuum”

PowerAlpha1I call this green line “Reality Continuum” (rather grand, no?) because you will take your ideas, and do a reality check against it via data analysis (within the traditional statistical framework–it is definitely NOT the only framework on the market, but I digress).

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Amazed to learn…

Amazed to learn…

Speechless, I learnt anew of Your love for me.
_____ Yes, You have told me before,
_____ Grace manifested on the Cross.

(Zephaniah 3, Psalm 147, Luke 15)
You opened my eyes; the Cross means so much more!
_____ You rejoice in me;
_____ You delight over me;
_____ You run to me even before I reached for You;
_____ You dance with joy on the day you ordain to bring me home;
_____ You sing (loudly!) over me!

Who? Me?! Wah…

(Luke 15)
When I repented, it is not the angels who danced,
_____ “There is joy before the angels of God.”
_____ Who is before the angels but the Mighty I AM Himself?
You, Yourself, the Dignified Father, dance with joy to reunite with me!

(Ephesians 1)
I am Your inheritance, as You are mine.
_____ You have longed for me, an eternity before I started longing for You.
You see me as righteous, even as I stumble.
_____ You call me child, even as I cover myself with filth.

(Ephesians 1, Romans 8)
You decided. You will make me like Christ.
_____ You cannot be thwarted, despite of me.
You promised. You will make me like Christ.
_____ You cannot fail, despite of me.

Daniel Lin Presents: Effects of Sleep Quality on Virtual Reality Learning

Lin, D.,  Essoe, J. K-Y, Tran, J., Zhou, J., Mutter, J., Frostig, D., Yang, J., Reggente, N., Rissman, J. (2014, May). The Effects of Sleep Quality on Virtual Reality Learning and Overnight Forgetting. Poster presented at the 23rd Annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference, Los Angeles, CA.


Click here to download PDF

On Christ, Anxiety, and Waiting (in Academia)

More than most of us are willing to admit, the life of an academic and scientist consists of much waiting.

Some do this better than others; I am not, by nature, one of them.

Many times I have been weighted down by the anxiety of waiting: for graduate school acceptance letters, for getting a grant for my research, and for graduate research fellowship funding, etc.

It is now the season of waiting to hearing from graduate schools (the tail end of that), fellowship applications, job search for new graduates, etc. It is lent, too, though I am not of the Catholic tradition.

The following is probably the most personal post I have attempted. I will share how the Holy Spirit ministers to me through the Bible in hopes that it would help minister to you in such seasons. Especially for those of you whom Jesus has called to be a missionary in the scientific fields–the prevalence of Christians in these fields could probably qualify them as unreached people groups! (Perhaps with the exception of physics and mathematics by reputation? But I have no stats, and it is neither here or there.)

These are not trite statements, but came both from seasons of waiting that turned out to be “successful” and “unsuccessful.” Amazing that the Spirit gave me the same comfort prior to both. Humbling too, that He has to do this repeatedly for me [chuckle]. I am the “chief of sinners” and still learning this, repeatedly.

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ALIVE featured in “I Love UCLA” video contest entry!

Directed by Andrew Butte, this is an entry for UCLA Fund’s 4th video contest “I Love UCLA.”

@ about 30s in, Daniel Lin, our Undergraduate Project Leader was in the video greeting the view-point character, then the latter explored our UnderSea Campus 😀

Fun stuff.

Odds Are: On the difference between odds, probability, and risk ratio.

Odds, Probability, Chance, Risks: Interchangeable?
Not so much.

What does it mean to say “smokers are X times more likely to get lung cancer than non-smokers?” What about
when the weather channel says, “there is a 10% chance of rain?” The odds of 1 to 10 of winning?

These words are often used in casual conversations as somewhat interchangeable, and can be rather confusing. I remember being very excited to learn about them for the first time, so hopefully you will find this as interesting (or at least as clarifying!) as I did!

A little test!


In which of the following scenario are you most likely to find dessert happiness? Which ones are saying the same thing?

A. The odds against you eating a cupcake are 1 to 5.

B. Your odds of/on eating a cupcake are 1 to 5.

C. The probability of you eating a cupcake is 20%.

D. You have a 20% chance of eating a cupcake.

Answers, in short: A is the most likely-for-cupcake scenario, and C and D are saying the same thing.

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Fun Fact: God loves us so much that He made us just in time for the weekend!

On Sabbath and Work: Gen 1:26 to 2:1 

I used to think that since God created on Day 1-6, then rested on Day 7, I am to work and then rest also. For many years, I followed this empty-refill pattern: poured myself out in my work, then recovered on Sabbath day.

When I  re-study Genesis, I was very surprised to see that

       God had set different work-patterns for mankind than for Himself!!
       God loves us so much, he made us just in time to enjoy the first Sabbath.

As loving parents preparing a home for their soon-to-be-born child, He prepared the Earth for us. Then He created us so we can first rest in (first day after the creation of human kind is… SABBATH!) and enjoy Him—which prepared us for the work He had ahead for us.

We are to first rest and fill ourselves with God’s love, grace, blessings, and motivation for work, enjoyed the fruits of His/our labour. This empowers us to empty ourselves for work in following 6 days.

Fill your “gas-tank” before emptying it. 

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Reinforcement vs Punishment: From Animal Training to Theology (Full Post)

Ever felt “positively punished” when your dog-trainer or psychologist inundate you with these lingo? Reinforcement and punishment are important components of social interactions. They are most often discussed in context of those wielding authority and their subjects (e.g., in childrearing and animal training); occasionally to interactions between equals. However, these concepts speak even to unexpected territories such as the intellectual and spiritual pursuit of theology.

I apologise for the lack of citations. I have been a pet trainer for a dozen years, and I am afraid I won’t be able to accurate cite where I first learnt what at this point!


First, let’s tackle them in bite-size pieces.

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Participants Needed: Avatar Learning in Virtual Environments (ALIVE)

This study has concluded as of Winter 2015.

General information for prospective participants



$10/hour, Minimum $50. Paid on Day 18 in Cash.

Up to 5 Psychology SONA credits.
If participation exceeds 6 hours, the remainder will be paid in cash as described above.

You may opt to receive a combination of cash and credit for your participation.
e.g. I f you only need 2 SONA credits, you can get the two credits and $30 in cash.

Please inform your researcher of your compensation preference during scheduling.

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Niccotron: to host ALIVE’s OpenSim server!

Nicco put together this machine while I served as his package opener.

It is so pretty… and awesome.

Oculus Rift + OpenSim = I love my job!

Guess who is gonna have a jolly good time? (Or get incredibly sick)….


Thank you, David Rowe, the one-man team in CtrlAlt Studio that created the first and best (and only!) Rift-compatible OpenSim Viewer!

“Christianity is a crutch for the weak”?

Mouse-Over the [ref]’s will show the references.

“Christianity is a crutch for the weak.”

Is it not possible that one could be deceived into thinking that one is not weak?
A crutch is to help the crippled, the sick.
Is it not possible that one could be deceived into thinking that one is not sick?

The Bible considers all human beings sick and weak by default. Sounds harsh, no? [ref]

To illustrate this simply:
“Do you think you are perfect?”
“Have you always been perfect?”

Whichever causes you to answer “no” would be your sickness. [ref]
If you search your heart, and honestly say “yes,” your sickness is pride. [ref]

The bible calls imperfection “sin,” the big bad taboo word.
The most straight forward translation is “missing the mark,” hence, imperfection. [ref]

Try this, “Can you be perfect if you want to be?”
If to be “healthy”/”not crippled” is to be perfect, you might just need a doctor. [ref]

Who says to be “healthy”/”not crippled” = to be perfect?

Jesus Christ did. [ref]

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Oryon Essoe: OpenSim Avatar

Oryon Essoe: OpenSim Avatar

Meet Oryon Essoe, Prime Minister of Rissland. He works day and night to make Rissland a participant-friendly research space.

He is very smug because he built a classroom space in a tree-house today.


Amusing post on stunning + scary undersea predator

Bobbit Worm (Eunice Aphroditois)

A demonstration of God’s sense of humour, exceeding that in the giraffes, hehhehe.

Article is humourous and interestingly written, too 😀

“A mix between the Mongolian death worm, the Graboids from Tremors, the Bugs from Starship Troopers, and a rainbow.”

See original post by Matt Simon on WIRED, titled “Absurd Creature of the Week: 10-Foot Bobbit Worm Is the Ocean’s Most Disturbing Predator


Multitasking Video Game Improves Cognition in 79-year-olds!

My first article for Psychology In Action 😀 “Multitasking Video Game Improves Cognition in 79-year-olds!” re NeuroRacer.

Read the complete post in PsychInAction.org!

Today, Nature published evidence that training on a multitasking video game improved older adults’ cognitive ability beyond the scope of the game to untrained aspects of cognition.

The article featured a four-year research led by Drs. Adam Gazzaley and Joaquin Anguera in UCSF. They utilised a relatively simple video game, NeuroRacer to train older adults on multitasking. NeuroRacer requires participants to drive a cartoon car, and to respond to relevant signs as they appear: simulating a day-to-day scenario of driving and responding to traffic signals or street signs.

A long-lasting plight for cognitive ageing scientists has been the lack of “Transfer” in training tools. That is, training can reliably improve older adults’ performance on the tasks they are trained on; sometimes they even exceed their younger counterparts. However, these changes all too often do not transfer to other tasks that utilise different aspects of cognition (“Cognitive Domains”).

… Read the complete post


Dr. Jesse Rissman receives DARPA Young Faculty Award!

Proud to congratulate my mentor, Dr. Jesse Rissman for receiving DARPA Young Faculty Award!

This grant funds our virtual reality project, ALIVE (Avatar Learning In Virtual Environment).


Article on UCLA Toda

Dr. Jesse Rissman receiving DARPA YFA from Dr. William Casebeer

Jesse receiving DARPA YFA from Dr. William Casebeer

Facebook Debugger: Extracting correct thumbnail options on WordPress-to-FB-Sharing

When I tried to share my blog post on my Facebook Timeline, the FB end kept failing to extracting the correct thumbnails options from the post’s content.

Consulted Dr. Google, and found the facebook debugger.

Super user-friendly:

1. Paste the WP post’s URL into the text box within the debugger page.

2. Return to blog post and click the FB share icon again. This time it should show the correct thumbnail options.


This is quite strange, as I am not quite sure why this works — thoughI am contend to share the solution in the spirit of prescribing phenytoin for epilepsy!

This debugger is suppose to show you how a page appears to FB Scraper. However, in my case, it seems to have taught the scraper instead… Well well.

Now let’s hope the success doesn’t revert in a bit! However, even if it were to be a mere temporary relief, it seems worth it since most FB posts grows less-hot rather quickly any ways.

OpenSim: Rissland’s Welcome Area

A virtual environment created for learning and memory research in the Behavioural Neuroscience Area of the Psychology Department in UCLA.

The project is called Avatar Learning In Virtual Environment (ALIVE), sponsored by DARPA. It is conducted in Dr. Jesse Rissman’s Memory Laboratory, by his graduate students Joey K.-Y. Essoe and Niccolo Reggente.

Rissland is created by Essoe utilising OpenSim’s Diva Distro, customising various free contents courtesy of the OpenSim community.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 10.06.26 PM

Multi-purpose Chocolate Cake: “Love-Child of Brownie & Chocolate Collapse Cake” or Death By Chocolate Cake

Notes on the Love-Child version

This version that is near and dear to my.

The original recipe was developed for the fluffy version. One day I lost my whisk to the dishwasher, hence the fork-stir. Thus a better and badder version was discovered  ❤

How to Devour: Use the cake centre as fudge to spread over the crispy outer area.

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ESV Study Bible App!

“geek out” time…


The English Standard Version is my favourite bible translation for daily reading and studying. Cross Way has produced an excellent ESV Study Bible. With the purchase of the physical copy, one gains access to the online version (TOTALLY rad). They just released the iPad app version, too, though it has to be purchased separately.

This study bible contains background historic and cultural information, essays and commentaries on almost every chapter, unlike the NIV Study Bible* I had before.

*Example, when something really weird would happen (let’s make something up, say Rahab did a hand-stand just after hiding the Israelite spies), the NIV Study Bible would comment on everything around it (Jericho had a population of n, there is an oasis within walking distance of the gate, etc), and completely silent on the thing that was obviously confusing (re hand-stand, zip).


Corn-on-the-Cob, Husk-on

Enjoy grassy happiness of corn (which is a grass) without leaching all its nutrient and tastiness into boiling water!

1. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. Line corn ears, husk-on, with 2-3″ space in between

3. Roast for 30m

4. Add an ungodly amount of butter, sprinkle with kosher salt

Tip: you don’t have to buy those pesky corn holders stuff. Jab a pair of disposable chopsticks (un-separated) into the base of the corn before you butter, and eat it corn-dog style!

Ref: Alton Brown of Good Eats @ Food Network

Tips on corn selection

– ALWAYS buy husk-on corn, else you can’t roast them without drying out the exposed parts.
– NEVER buy corn with no tassel.
– Tassel should be sticky (sugary) when touch: it means that corn is sweet and fresh. The dry tassel indicates dry corn or starchy corn (if you must know: as corn ages, the sugar in it converts to starch, making it mealy in texture and floury in taste, yuck).
– Grab the ear with your open hand, close your hand around it, squeeze gently. It should feel firm, supple, and not at all soft.
– Corn worms are safe to eat. LOL. At least it doesn’t mean the corn has gone bad.