Recipe: Chicken In 40 Cloves (for 6 or 36)


Another one of my favourites. Ugly but beautiful at the same time (not the most showy to the eyes, but beautiful to the mouth, soul, and wallet).

This recipe in grey feeds 6 very hungry people, or 8 not-too-hungry people.
BLUE TEXT: modification when cooking for a crowd.

I have feed up to 15 people for $20. That’s $1.33 per head.

Warning: This is not a dish for the vain.

  • Be not surprised: Ingestion of garlic cloves results in increased needs for ventilation for hours or days to come.
  • Did you know that your skin would extrude garlic “stuffs” after a hearty interaction with it?
    Allicin in garlic (and onion, cumin, etc) are metabolised quickly, resulting in sulphur-like compounds that are expressed through the pores of your skin.

O, come, set aside your vanity and live a little.


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Multi-purpose Chocolate Cake: “Love-Child of Brownie & Chocolate Collapse Cake” or Death By Chocolate Cake

Notes on the Love-Child version

This version that is near and dear to my.

The original recipe was developed for the fluffy version. One day I lost my whisk to the dishwasher, hence the fork-stir. Thus a better and badder version was discovered  ❤

How to Devour: Use the cake centre as fudge to spread over the crispy outer area.

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Corn-on-the-Cob, Husk-on

Enjoy grassy happiness of corn (which is a grass) without leaching all its nutrient and tastiness into boiling water!

1. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. Line corn ears, husk-on, with 2-3″ space in between

3. Roast for 30m

4. Add an ungodly amount of butter, sprinkle with kosher salt

Tip: you don’t have to buy those pesky corn holders stuff. Jab a pair of disposable chopsticks (un-separated) into the base of the corn before you butter, and eat it corn-dog style!

Ref: Alton Brown of Good Eats @ Food Network

Tips on corn selection

– ALWAYS buy husk-on corn, else you can’t roast them without drying out the exposed parts.
– NEVER buy corn with no tassel.
– Tassel should be sticky (sugary) when touch: it means that corn is sweet and fresh. The dry tassel indicates dry corn or starchy corn (if you must know: as corn ages, the sugar in it converts to starch, making it mealy in texture and floury in taste, yuck).
– Grab the ear with your open hand, close your hand around it, squeeze gently. It should feel firm, supple, and not at all soft.
– Corn worms are safe to eat. LOL. At least it doesn’t mean the corn has gone bad.